My dearest mother, cultivator out of passion with great kynological expertise and a great heart for the dogs, particularly Rhodesian Ridgebacks, rough hair dachshund and beagle died after a short serious illness with 86 years. These three races were her life and her love. You determined her life next to her family. In 1967 it became a member of the German sausage dog and a great example became for many honest cultivators. It purchased its two tribe animals in England in 1973: "Nordosttufial Sakitu", born 18.02.1973 and " Atalas Dawn ", born 19.03.1973. She went from exhibition with these of two dear Rhodesian Ridgebacks to the exhibition to announce this race. She had her first throw with an exceptional approval of the VDH under the name "Umvuma" (a little place in South Africa) in 1974. My father chose the name. She let the name offer protection nationally and internationally. In the year 1975 the 2nd throw, the B-puppys, fell. She founded the Rhodesian Ridgeback club with like-minded Ridgebackfans in my parental home in 1976. The oldest club for Rhodesian Ridgeback in Germany at all. The race was hardly known. It carried out the office of a cultivator since this with great delight and great interest which performed it also in the beagle and sausage dog club. It brought along the sweet first beagle from England as her with the cultivator also in 1973 the Rhodesian Ridgebacks bought. The beagle "Hetty of Kenstaff" was our sweet "High Flee". She could jump like a flea. My mother said she thinks "fawningly" to me. She could understand the doglanguage and the dog breeding as well as also the falcon breeding of my father was the main topic at home. So I grew up and hope I have much strength for this valuable inheritance of my dearest mother! The love for dogs is inborn in me. Without dogs I could not live. You are also my love and my friends! I am so happy that I still was allowed to be in South Africa and could pay a visit to many cultivators in 2004 with my mother with all experiences of my mother. How sad that she is no more with us. We miss her so much! But she will always nevertheless be with us. We will see each other again sometime. I wish a mom dear to you, that until there you see your Besal Fatoka and all Atalas cultivated from an old line for ancestors of yours Dawn Umvuma again and furthermore can let your dog heart switch and prevail.

You will be always with us!

1950, my mother is 31 years old with Widu and his son Bummel.

1953, my mother is 34 years old.

December 1985, my mother is 66 years old with a Beagle puppy.

Spring 1979, my mother is 60 years old with a ridgeback puppy and falcons in the background.