The next ridgeback puppys will be born most likely in April May 2006 :

(Pictures from Kiara's last puppys here)

Name: Bella Kiara
Sex: Bitch
Date of Birth: May 9. 2001
Parents: Mother:Goldie Emma Rhodana Vater (for more pictures please click here!): Lionhunt Dayimane Umvuma, Europajugendsieger 2000, internationaler Champion
Awards: "Vorzügliche Formwertzucht"
Character: absolutely lovably, wants to please
at home quietly, on the stalk live.
more pictures: Fotos von Bella Kiara hier

zur welpengalerie

Here are some puppy pictures.

(Please click on one of the cameras!)
Puppy pictures

Some tips for buying of a puppy

Dear puppy interest!
You surely have made many thoughts to yourself whether you would like to have a new member of the family to this!
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is like a member of the family of what one must take care or for whom one has to be there! Who likes to be alone already?
When the dog is older, it can be alone for a couple of hours later. It otherwise is glad if one always takes it with to everywhere and always one of the family or one other reference person is together with it.
You then have himself to which race shall her future dog belong surely in a considered way also well. Please, you read Rhodesian Ridgeback, kynos little dog library "of Stig Carlson, Kynos Verlag, "my healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback" of Ann Chamberlain, BEDE publishing house, "the Rhodesian Ridgeback" of Jochen Eberhardt," about the race e.g. " Rhodesian Ridgeback today-" of Stig G. Carlson, Kynos Verlag, before. Because you have a comrade in future for 10 to 14 years whom you can always leave alone only short time. It is always good when one has friends or relatives who would like to look after the dog at illness, holiday etc. The dog should already care as a pup for good contact with these persons so that they are familiar to it!
For the end I still would like to inform you that it is very important as a cultivator for me to get to know you personally. I must know where my "Babies" will live later.
Later, I am pleased also very much if you call and report or e-mail me. Unfortunately, I do not like to write letters!
So you think everything over well.
All best wishes you the dog family!