My carrer as a breeder

Rekka Indorf mit Goldie Emma Rhodana

I, Rekka Indorf, grew up with the recognized VDH breeder Anne Mueller (since 1973 with the kennel “Umvuma” for the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and “von Helvesiek” for the Beagle and Teckel) and could not live without dogs at all. They are part of my daily life. They give me so much!
My mother gave me in 1989, after we lived two years with four small children in our house, the five-year Beaglebitch Venatrix von Helvesiek. I just needed to have a dog again. Beagle love small children. Beagle were ideal with my small children. With Venatrix I had my first throw (January 1991) and kept the Liselotte von Helvesiek in marvelous experience! I bred 10 years long on the kennel named “von Helvesiek”, which Anne Mueller had brought 1973 into being.
In 2001 i made my own Kennel up it's named “Von Rekkas Holzhuette” (means as much as "from Rekkas wood hut"). In 1997 my mother gave me my loved RR dog Emma Rhodana, which born 6 beautiful puppies in 2006. Emma was so proud and we were totaly lucky. The A-throw (RRs) “Von Rekkas Holzhütte” was born! Emma is now 8.5 years old and is our exemplary, sovereigns doggrandma.

My mother Anne Müller