My large family consists of my man Friedhelm, my daughters Caroline and Maja as also my sons Lennart and Lorens.
my oldest dog is my Beagle Uhle von Helvesiek (from my own breed). The secondoldest dog is my Rhodesian Ridgeback Goldie Emma Rhodana. Both are over eight years old (our grandmothers). The next in row is Alma of Helvesiek (Katie, from my own breed), the daughter Fiona von Rekkas Holzhuette. To the turn of the year 2004/05 I got two beautiful dogs from my mother: Umvuma Wanja (RR) and Betsy het Hulterhof (Beagle). Betsy had 7 nice and miracle-pretty puppies in summer 2005 (details under Puppy-Info/Beagle Gellery, K-throw). The only RR-male is Bukavu Bawu Kadiri. The only Beagle male is nearly two years older. It's Red Baron Kilkenny, which I took over on the 5. of December. At at the beginning of September 2005 I got the “blond” Umvuma Atalas Dawn with the dark-brown eyes (my countess).
The two youngest in the family are the Rhodesian Ridgeback of African parents Umvuma Bayoola and my small Beagle Jule of Rekkas Holzhuette. The dogs have a firm ranking. We live in a small village to the Highway B75, between Hamburg and Bremen, in Lower Saxony in the north of Germany. I live for my large family, which is the greatest for me! It is never boring and the living in the country is ideal. We have a 4000 square meter large, completely enclosed property and live in a Swedish painted, Finnish timber building.

Puppy raising

Ein Korb RR - Welpen

For the puppies I have a puppy house directly at the house with discharge where they get when they are 4 weeks old. The puppy house is heatable. The mother has outside a cosy, isolated straw hut for resting. In addition we have a summer-house with four inserted, isolated huts with straw and a discharge for dogs which are on heat with two isolated huts.
The puppies are born in our living room, where we are awake around the clock for the first two weeks, so that the “small ones” can prosper well under our protection. With two weeks the puppies with their mother move into the large bathroom, which is directly opposite from my bedroom. I mostly leave the door open. If the puppies are four weeks old, they come with their mother into the puppy house. The puppys learn retty fast to keep their "nest" clean and pie outside. They have toys for playing. We all care us much for the sweet puppies. With six weeks they are so certain to walk on the whole property and run around, they are also running around with the “large ones” (in my presence). Thus they learn a quantity and are well coined/shaped! It is important to me that my dog children are always well and in good care.